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Creating The Framework for Exceptional Service Through the First Contact Genes

28-07-2016    By  First Contact  

First Contact’s Genes guide the company through every business decision and are the essence of our corporate culture. They reflect the personality of the organisation and provide a platform to grow, improve and prosper.

From a management perspective, our genes influence everything from our strategic alliances, the tone of our communications, as well as our recruitment and selection process. Suitable candidates are selected, in conjunction with various other factors, based on their ‘fit’ with our genes.

All First Contact employees are expected to know and embrace our Genes. They not only help them through decision making processes in their day-to-day roles, but also provide a sense of assurance and continuity during their tenure with First Contact.

The Genes are also designed to enhance our overall employee experience, by helping them to achieve personal goals and providing an inclusive community for them to contribute to.

Each month, a new FC Gene will be presented, to give an understanding of First Contact’s unique methodology and service-centric approach to strategy.


The first of our genes to be presented, harmony, is focused on creating an inviting company culture based on work/life balance, while forming a national community which empowers all FC staff to become part of our ‘family’. We achieve this through:

  • A regular Monday to Friday work schedule – this provides stability and is a great drawcard for staff currently working in hotels. New staff are always very excited to have weekends and public holidays to themselves!
  • A company intranet that fosters inclusion and innovation, and provides a platform for individual expression, recognition and collaboration.
  • Regular social events – with First Contact staff spread over 50 sites nationally, it’s very important to bring the team together to strengthen our culture.
  • Career Empowerment – we invite all staff to book meetings with management to discuss their career objectives, and to provide constructive advice on how to achieve these.
  • Rewards and recognition – our unofficial ethos of going above and beyond is regularly displayed by our staff, and we always congratulate our staff on a job well done.

To find out more about what it’s like to work for First Contact, please feel free to view our Careers page, which contains some fantastic employee success stories. If you would like to stay up to date with First Contact news and events, feel free to sign up to our newsletter in the footer of our website.

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