Revolutionising the Workplace: Prioritising People, Transforming Spaces & Optimising Work

As the concept of work evolves from a place to an activity, businesses worldwide are facing a pivotal transformation. The rise of hybrid working models has not only altered where we work but has also redefined how we work. This shift emphasizes the importance of service quality in supporting people's return to the office. In this era, delivering exceptional service quality outcomes for your customers, co-workers, and community becomes paramount.


The challenge many organizations face is how to adapt to this new normal effectively. The answer lies in a comprehensive strategy focusing on people, spaces, and work optimization.


Prioritize People for Workplace Excellence:


Prioritizing people is the bedrock of creating an exemplary workplace. It is about connecting, understanding, and engaging with customers, co-workers, suppliers, and the broader community in a manner that resonates with what they genuinely value. This approach not only enhances performance but also enables a robust evaluation and improvement in the capability, capacity, consequences, and costs associated with workplace interactions.


Customers and Co-workers: Our focus on customers and co-workers is unwavering. We commit to fostering an environment where respect and mutual benefit are the bedrock of every interaction. Understanding that our people are our greatest assets.


Cultivating a Welcoming Atmosphere: By establishing an inclusive environment, we make every visitor feel at home. We continuously train our staff in the fine art of hospitality to ensure that every interaction is not just a transaction, but a welcoming and personalized touchpoint in our clients' day.


Activating Social Spaces: Our spaces are designed to foster connection, making each interaction meaningful. We encourage collaboration by making the space safe, clean & fully functional to enable both focused work and open dialogue.


Suppliers: In the intricate dance of real estate, facilities, and workplace management, supplier relationships are crucial. Prioritizing these partnerships mitigates risks and aligns expectations. A focus on collaboration yields a fair partnership with clear goals, robust communication, and a strategic approach to managing these relationships.


As Vested® Certified Deal Architects, we steer you through a five-step process towards a relational contract that aligns with your organizational goals, ensuring flexibility, trust, and transparency.


Community: Being a responsible leader in the community means engaging respectfully and making positive impacts while minimizing our environmental footprint. We tailor our approach to meet your organization's unique goals, fostering strong community relationships that give you a competitive edge. Trust and reliability are paramount, and we aim to ensure your organization is recognized as a trusted partner in business and community initiatives.


By prioritizing people in every aspect of our operations and relationships, we do not just provide a service — we create an experience that reflects the core values and strategic vision of your organization.


Transforming Space: Maximizing Value through Total Cost of Occupancy


In a world where the office competes with the home, understanding and managing the total cost of occupancy (TCO) becomes critical for businesses. This holistic approach to transforming spaces goes beyond the square footage costs and delves into the value each element brings to your business.


The TCO encompasses everything from lease agreements to the granular details of operational costs — energy, maintenance, services, and technology that supports your workforce. It’s not just about paying rent; it’s about investing smartly in a space that enhances productivity and embodies your brand.


Asset Quality vs. Service Quality: Knowing the composition of your TCO is vital. Generally, rent may constitute about 65% of the cost, with fit out depreciation around 15%, and facilities operations at 10%. But these numbers are not static; they change based on how intensively the spaces are used.


Strategic Cost Management: By setting clear boundaries on the scope of your transformation, we provide a transparent view of your data. This informs strategic decisions, like capital allocation, to enhance both asset and service quality — making every dollar count.


Continuous Improvement: Our approach to space transformation is agile, leveraging technology and AI to ensure that your workplace meets the dynamic needs of your employees, enhancing their connection to the space and to each other.


In short, our focus on TCO ensures that the transformation of your spaces is not just a cost to be managed, but a strategic investment that drives your business forward.


Optimize Work: Streamlining for Efficiency and Impact


Optimizing work is about aligning our people, spaces, and technology to create a workplace that delivers on desired outcomes. At First Contact, we understand that effective optimization means strategic resource allocation, ensuring that every aspect of your workspace is an investment in productivity.


Scope and Resource Allocation: We set clear boundaries for decision-making within your real estate and workplace portfolio, avoiding the pitfalls of a decentralized approach. Our focus is on creating a holistic strategy that aligns with your highest-level objectives, setting the stage for effective governance and performance management.


Time and Capital Investment: With a clear workplan and attention to your capital structure, we help streamline your projects, ensuring they stay on track and deliver on your investment. Whether it's optimizing the use of physical space or deploying technology solutions, we assess the best value to drive operational efficiency.


Intellectual Capital and Technology: We assist in sourcing the right mix of in-house and outsourced expertise, utilizing the best technology that provides transparency and supports your strategic goals. This approach ensures your intellectual capital is effectively leveraged for long-term success.


In essence, optimizing work at First Contact means more than just fine-tuning processes; it's about transforming resources into tangible results that propel your business forward in 2024 and beyond.


The redefinition of work in today’s world demands a visionary approach that places service quality at the heart of the workplace. As we embrace the hybrid model, our commitment at First Contact extends beyond just adjusting the physical space — it's about cultivating an environment where people, technology, and space intersect to create a harmonious ecosystem.


This ethos is embodied in our relentless dedication to enhancing service quality and optimizing the total cost of occupancy. By doing so, we ensure that every investment in the workplace is not just a cost, but a meaningful contribution to the fabric of the business. It's about striking a balance between asset quality and service quality, between operational efficiency and human-centric design. We are committed to tailoring our services to not only meet but exceed the strategic objectives of your organization, fostering a workplace that is efficient, resilient, and adaptive to the evolving demands of the workforce.

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