Improving workplace experience and customer engagement

Some of Australia’s most successful property groups suffered the same problems:

The greeting on arrival at a fabulous property didn’t reflect the high standards of their brand

They couldn’t find (or keep) the people they want

Tenant satisfaction levels were down

The costs of recruitment and temporary staff unnecessarily impacted operating expenses

Operational ‘front of house’ noise distracted from important client facing time

They’d done the hard things well.  But they found the soft stuff hard.  So, they spoke with us.  

Our expertise is providing personalised workplace experience and customer engagement to occupiers of some of the best commercial buildings in the Asia Pacific region.  

This is how we help.  

Visitors and clients feel welcome and valued

To ensure the greeting is right, we leverage our experience in operating prestige hotels and deploy people at that first point of contact with our unique skills – what we call the art of anticipation.  It’s an ingrained awareness of the environment in which we operate.  We hear emotions and see the peripherals. We have the eyes and ears to understand, adjust, and deliver an excellent workplace experience.

Find and keep the right people

At the core of our people-centric business is our talent platform of more than 25,000 workplace professionals, FCX.  Whilst service is an art, there’s a science in people selection and retention; and FCX is part of our cloud-based system that allows us to invest, develop, and support our people.  For clients that means we deploy trained professionals who step forward, are discrete, licenced to understand and solve, and have a ‘how can I fix this’ mindset.  That’s how we find and keep the people our clients’ love.

Improve tenant satisfaction

We understand the importance of a long weighted average lease expiry (WALE) for our clients and take very seriously our role in ensuring high levels of tenant satisfaction.  Ours is a business focused on others, excellence in customer experience is at our core.  We take accountability for service quality, read the play and the faces, and understand when to step in, fix, follow up, and create meaningful connections with building occupiers.  

Reduce costs

Leveraging FCX removes the costs of recruitment and temporary staff and enables us to guarantee 100% staff coverage.  Different industrial awards allow us to plan and adjust staffing levels to match the operating rhythm of the building.  Our scenario-based costing model delivers services in fractions of FTE and eliminates waste in spend.  Each of these elements immediately reduces the building owner’s operating costs and increases its Net Operating Income.  

Focus on the right things

We eliminate noise because everything we do in the workplace is choreographed and prepared. Issues outside our mental models of service excellence are immediately investigated and solved.  We solve problems before they arise and provide positive occupancy experiences that enable a building owner to engage in high quality discussion with its tenants.

First Contact is proud to have built enduring relationships with these innovative and important clients and we read with pride some of the great feedback we get from delivering to the best of our abilities. 

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