Your Office Needs a Purpose

Another great article from the good people at McKinsey on workplace experience. 

I agree with Phil that the answer lies in purpose. This has always been central to our own thinking on the workplace, being where your culture and experience come together. He goes on to suggest that places designed for entertainment, hospitality, and connection have clearly defined purposes that align with life goals and the desire for personal fulfilment. Surely that is the goal of a good work-life balance?

There’s a clear “why” behind their existence. In turn, the data shows that people have largely returned to the office. At First Contact, we have adopted this purpose to manage workplaces that excel both at experience and connection! In many respects, the Experience Economy has come to the office, and it's time to elevate your company's purpose to focus on employee engagement and employee experience.

Enjoy this insightful read and should you have any questions, feel free to reach me in our Melbourne office at +61 3 9020-5751.

Read more at Your Office Needs Purpose at McKinsey (external link)

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